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Hello, Welcome to the Group 6 Personnel/Admin page!


For a list of specific items, please click here. Our goal at Group 6is to have a simple and quick interaction to attain your approvals. With regards to awards submitted using a CAPF 120 – please note – the Group 6 awards committee must review any CAPF 120 requests prior to any approval or submission to CAWG. For both CAPF 2A or CAPF 120, please submit your request directly to the Group Commander here.

For an award submission, please use the MS Word version of either a CAPF 2A or 120.

Your submission, along with the appropriate electronic signatures, should also include your specific Unit Action Log tracking number for that specific individual and award. Please contact me if you are unclear with developing that process.


Please reference CAPR 35-5 – as this is the controlling regulation

The Group 6 promotions committee is the recommending board in the Group for promotion requests for the grade of Captain and above, with exception of Professional Appointments, where any grade request must be reviewed. The board is responsible for considering all pertinent information pertaining to promotion actions and ensuring that the member being considered for promotion meets the minimum eligibility requirements.

For Duty Performance Appointments, promotion requests should be submitted via the eServices promotions module.

For Special Appointments, Mission Related Skills Appointments, Professional Appointments, and NCO Appointments submit a MS Word document version of CAPF 2. Documentation substantiating the request must be sent along (e.g. DD-214, medical degree, etc).

All Flight Officer Appointments are handled at the Unit level.

When submitting a member for promotion, please ensure the member has a job and a specialty track (matching the duty) in eServices.

Along with the promotion request, a written substantiation for the promotion must come from the unit level promotions board. The substantiation request must include:

A brief description of duties being performed

A statement as to why the unit believes the individual will continue to perform at that same high level.

Whether submitting your request by eServices, or by email, please notify either the Group Commander, and/or the Group 6 promotions board chairperson. This notification will give the request a timely response.

By submitting the request, the unit commander is certifying the member is performing his assigned duties in a manner warranting promotion and is ready for promotion.

Personnel Authorizations

For the initial -01 and -02 Personnel Authorizations, please find the templates by clicking the links below:

PA 20xx-01
Tips for initial duty assignments:

1) Spread your duty assignments around. Don’t have just a few of your staff doing the majority of the work.

2) Please ensure the duty assignments in eServices are updated after acceptance of the ‘paper’ PA.

PA 20xx-02
Tips for Committee assignments:

1) On your Awards Review Board – ensure the Personnel Officer is a member

2) On your Finance Committee – ensure the Squadron Commander is the chair

3) On the Unit Promotion Board – ensure that both the Professional Development and Personnel Officers are listed. The chair person should be the ranking officer.

Last, having a general understanding of the regulations is key to the success of the operation of your unit. You can find these documents at:

National Publications Click

California Wing Supplements Click

Our goal at Group 6 is to provide you with a prompt and straightforward administrative service.

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